Turkey Time Vortexes

I don't know how people make time for things.

I am a woman of very few responsibilities. I go to work (a lot), and I teach an Old Testament class at church twice a month. Besides occasionally having to sit with my concussed mother all day to make sure she knows who all the Beatles are, I'm mostly responsible for just myself.

How is it that people find time to grocery shop? Who is taking their cars in for repairs? When are they going to the dentist? These have been my questions for the last year of my life. I've graduated college, but it seems as though when I was handed my diploma I was also given a little vortex that eats up more of my day as it grows.

I went to an activity at my ward this last week. We traced our hands and made turkeys to give to people who are important to us. I spent over an hour on my turkey. I didn't talk. I didn't focus on anything else except making that little turkey, and when it was over I grabbed a doughnut and went home.

For the last year my days have been filled with so many little things like picking up more hand soap, hanging up curtains, catching up on my emails or even just Christmas shopping. All of it has purpose. All of it has to be done, yet none of it is particularly fulfilling.

Spending that hour with a piece of construction paper and a black crayola marker was probably the most pointless thing I did this week, but it also made me feel the best.

Maybe I'm supposed to be making time for things like hand turkeys.