A Hummus Halloween


Pictured above is my house. I didn't have time to carve a pumpkin this year, so instead I got 5 green light bulbs and borrowed some desk lamps to put in some of the windows. The effect ended up pretty eerie. I would say that it's the reason why we didn't get very many trick or treaters, but I just can't say that with absolute certainty.

Scarier than a haunted house is the recent discovery that hummus will kill me.

Most of you know that I have a ridiculously dangerous allergy to kiwi. It's something that I discovered while I was living in Russia, and resulted in me pantomiming eating a "Kivi" fruit and my tongue swelling up to a confused young Russian pharmacist. It was scary, but I got some what-would-be-prescription-in-America steriods to take, and the nurses at the Kindergarten gave me some further direction in broken English.

I've been able to avoid kiwi ever since.

Well, on Thursday afternoon at work I ate half a teaspoon of regular Sabra hummus. In a few minutes I realized that I should probably go home and take some benadryl. Upon arriving home I realized that I should go to the hospital. Upon getting in the car to the hospital I realized that I should probably use my epipen.

I did it! For the first time ever I used my epipen! I guess something takes over you when your throat is closing up. Courage? Desperation?

I ended up at the emergency room, they loaded me up with drugs and after a while I went on my merry way. I am still recovering (and ended up going to the ER again on All Hallow's Eve), but I'm alive to report that I have developed yet another ridiculous and extremely niche deadly allergy.

That probably means no more falafel. Gosh dangit.