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Who Am I?

My name is Allison Otting. I'm an obsessive dog owner and jokester, with a sick art degree under my belt. 

I like to create, whether it's art, music or writing. I love Russia, though that's hard to explain to people without coming across as a Soviet spy. I collect local art, listen to podcasts and spend all my money on tech and travel

I like writing introspective blogs and tweeting silly jokes. I'm all about maintaining my brand.

...I'll admit that I get distracted by video games


What do I do?

I am a lead conversion designer at a company called Disruptive Advertising. We manage clients' digital advertising, build effective landing pages, and optimize websites through extensive testing. I love my job, and I'm glad to be involved in it's growth from 6 employees to 60 (and counting!).

I occasionally do some commissions for design and illustration, but the marketing agency life keeps me pretty busy.

You can follow me on social media,
but I can be rather silly.