Great Expectations

Great Expectations

Once a month we have a company-wide meeting. As we've grown in that last 2 years, we've had to continually find bigger spaces. At this point we're tightly packed in 5 couches and 10+ extra office chairs crammed in any corners with a good line of sight to the screen.

The venue has changed, but the format of the meetings has generally stayed the same. We review our performance for the last month, and then we talk about how we can improve, whether it's personally or as a company.

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Spring is Here!

This winter has been a hard and long one for me, despite it's identification as a relatively mild winter. I think it might have to do with the fact that I broke my foot in July, so my summer and autumn were robbed from me.

Because of all this, I am extremely excited for Spring. It's incredible to see all these tulips popping out of the ground, or running to your car in a rain shower or smelling all the blossoming trees on a walk. 

Christian and I starting planting a garden in our side yard. The whole process feels a bit magical to me: picking out the seeds, breaking up the ground and covering your hands in mud as you dig and drop a couple seeds in each finger sized hole.

It's incredible that something so small has so much potential. It can turn into a vegetable or bush or tree with just some good weather, time and care. Not all of them grow, and you never know what's going to happen, but you look over that garden bed and you just feel so proud. You want to watch it and make sure that they all have the best chance at success.

I imagine that's how God feels about us.