One Year in Provo

I have this little app named Timehop that combs through all my social media accounts and tells me what I did on this day in years past. Most of the time it sends me on a short trip down nostalgia lane or completely embarrasses me. Thank goodness there is no myspace support, because my facebook statuses from six years ago are bad enough.

I noticed that a year ago today I had posted the picture of the big window of our house on the day we moved to Provo. It's been one year since I started living in this little city! It made me reflect on what I've done and seen in this last year, and how to sum it all up.

Because I can't write it all, above are the 30 of my most important Provo instagram photos from this year. The first was taken on September 6th, 2013 – the last taken on the same date in 2014.

It would be overwhelming to read or write even a short blurb about each of these thumbnails, but I think the largest take aways for me are a massive growth in my career, love for my family and friends, a proven ability to deal with difficult things and (dare I say) some steps towards growing.

I'm not a grown up, though. I still need to make giant llama heads, carve silly jack-o-lanterns and draw on baby faces.

Here's hoping that my next year in Utah will be as inspiring as the last.