Off to the Cabin

I abandoned all my responsibilities back in Provo and left for my Grandma’s cabin. It was scary to take an entire week off, but it was either that or potentially experience a severe breakdown. We don’t want nervous breakdowns.

It’s a really pretty drive. There’s a lot of trees in different shades and rivers and canyons the whole way. There’s also tiny towns with the strangest fusion restaurants.  One was an Italian-Mexican joint, and another was a Chinese-Mexican-American restaurant. General Tso’s chicken tacos with french fries maybe? I hope you shuddered as much I did.

We stopped in Vernal, UT to grab lunch and my dad asked me to look up a Mexican restaurant that we could eat at. I quickly discovered that Vernal Mexican food really struggles. One place had three one star Google reviews, one of them saying only “Eat here if you want to die.” We went to a Café Rio.

After the long drive we’re here, and it’s as quiet and quaint as I remember.  The living room is full of mismatched couches and bookshelves of VHS tapes. It’s probably the only house that has two copies of “Harry and the Hendersens.” My bunk bed is made up with teddy bear sheets, and weird Pier1 Tuscan prints on the walls. Part of me misses the old shag carpet that used to cover the floors, and the Star Wars sheets that my brothers and I would fight over.

The outside of the cabin is my own definition of picturesque. Half of the property is unkempt grass, weeds and trees. There’s a fire pit that my mom helped build, and if you walk down the road a bit you run into a lake that stands still except for the occasional fish that flicks a fin through the glass surface. I hear rumors about otters in the lake, but I’ll have to wait to see if they make an appearance.  I’ve only ever seen foxes, deer, elk and moose.

I’m happy to be here. It’s only our first day, but I think it’s exactly the weekend that I need.