Cabin Life Continues (with drawings)

I'm obviously so stunned by my surroundings that I can't even open my eyes.

I'm obviously so stunned by my surroundings that I can't even open my eyes.

I don’t think about the movie Dunston Checks In. It’s the one where an Orangutan comes into a hotel, runs away from his jewel thief owner and becomes buddies with the son of the hotel manager. It’s a forgotten speck in film history, for probably good reasons, and yet it turned up on our options of what to watch last night.

It didn’t get picked. What beat it out? The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock. I couldn’t fall asleep for hours.

The collection of movies at the cabin is eclectic and bizarre. It’s mostly 90s VHS tapes, usually of the cheesy variety. They’re the kind that you would never consider watching unless you’re at the cabin. Here the weirdest and the oddest are first picks. You spend all your time differently at the cabin.

It’s been raining here most of the week.

Most of my days are spent putting together puzzles, reading a book or drawing. At home I spend a shamefully small amount of time on sketching and drawing. I draw through institute and church, but my other time is spent doing… you know, I’m not exactly sure.

I’m enjoying my time making things, though. I’ve drawn a couple cards, and I’ve started sketching in a book called “642 Things to Draw” which gives drawing prompts and a space to fulfill them. The goal is to do a new one every day.

My friend Jeff is currently doing a project where he and his friend Kyson draw an animal every day, from A-Z. It’s been largely inspiring for me. You can check out their drawings here and here.

Anyway, this ladybug was the first sketch I did in my book.

My second drawing was a crayon, and no one cares about crayons, so here’s a robot card I also drew: