The Secret Life of Allison Otting?

Tonight I went to see The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. I had heard some rave reviews from friends and coworkers, so I was pretty excited to see it. I liked it, but it didn't live up to the hype for me, though that seems to be a general problem with me. I expect too much, or maybe just something different.

I do enjoy the sort of "go out and live your life" theme that is apparent in these sorts of films. I think that everyone wants to live an adventure and live life with no regrets. At the same time, we understand responsibility and the fact that we can't just abandon things that we are responsible for, whether it's school, a job or maybe even family. It can be unrealistic at times, and occasionally it will make us feel as though our lives are small and insignificant. Yet we still want to watch movies that say "follow your dreams!"

Something surprised me about this movie, though. There was a brief moment at the end where the day to day passions and work that we put forth was celebrated and was depicted as just as important. We don't have to climb Everest to show that we have left a legacy and have done something exquisite with our time. My 22-year-old self sometimes screams for me to travel and see the wonders of the world before it's all too late. Every day I'm learning that there is so much for me to learn and explore right here in this little town. There is so much to enjoy and taste and hear and see.

Still, an adventure is always welcome.